Our approach

We are students of the 'market'. Design is inherent in us by business, profession or just a calling from the universe.

We percieve design as an essential tool to solve business problems. The user being our main focus from start to finish.


Based out of Gurgaon, Urban Colour Lab sits at the center of the commercial boom.We are helping businesses achieve their goals with our web design, branding and marketing services.
Some of our successes include The red tea detox, Elevate, and many more
We work with clients in India and overseas. So, our understanding of trends has a wide range. We believe India is entering a product manufacturing/consumption boom and Urban Colour Lab will be a big part in it.

Our beliefs

We are avid consumers but our love for brands does not end there. Thought provoking research, case studies and personal experience make our belief systems.
We want to help businesses to bigger profits, more customers/clients and together adapt to the future of advertising and marketing.



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